The content of the site has of August 2017 been drastically changed and now the sections in this site are

The Cummings Family

Toy Pom Puppies   Photographs by Alex

The Cummings website was originally a historical family website which spanned generations and branches of the Cummings Clan and gave details of each member this ca now be read in detailed form in a Microsoft  Word document or in a schematic form in an Excel spread sheet .

Details of the Cummings family start from the early 1800's and the Nelsons from about the same time.  There are separate sections dealing with both the history of the Cummings and the Nelsons. with the following links
Cummings   doc   Cummings in Excel   also   Nelson in doc and Nelson in excel

There is no longer any reference to Uitenhage


The change in format is due to the difficulty in obtaining information about other sections of the extended family possibly due the fact that they are scattered round the world and that most seem more interested in putting details on social networks for a few days than using their family web to put it on permanently. It was once a very photographic oriented site but photographs are now mostly rested to the dog (Pomeranian) section or of course in the photographs by Alex Section.

I was using the site to display both photographs of our Relatives both Cummings and Nelson, the Town of Uitenhage  and our hobby of breeding Toy Pomeranians but have abandoned all hope of keeping that up and removed most of them I have tried to make the site readable in all formats of screens from cell phone to desktop.
I am also showcasing my own hobby of photography. since I can control what is current and what is obsolete in that subject 
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